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2018 Composite Cross Country Schedule

07/02/2018, 9:45am EDT

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2018 Composite XC Schedule

Coaches, athletes, fans....please send us any corrections and/or your team's schedules.  We'll update this list as often as we can prior to the season as schedules come to us at
Teams included as of July 24th:  Anthony Wayne, Antwerp, Ayersville, Bellevue, Bowling Green, Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Bucyrus Wynford, Carey, Clyde, Colonel Crawford, Danbury, Eastwood, Edgerton, Edison, Elmwood, Fairview*, Fostoria, Fremont Ross, Fremont SJCC, Genoa, Gibsonburg, Hicksville, Holgate, Holland Springfield, Huron, Lake, Liberty Center, Lima Bath, Margaretta, Maumee, McComb, Mohawk, Napoleon, New Riegel, North Baltimore, Norwalk, Norwalk St. Paul, Oak Harbor, Old Fort, Oregon Clay, Otsego, Patrick Henry, Perrysburg, Port Clinton, Ridgedale, Rossford, Sandusky Perkins, Sandusky SMCC, Seneca East, Tinora, Tiffin Columbian, Toledo Bowsher, Toledo NDA, Toledo Whitmer, Upper Sandusky, Van Buren, Vermilion, Wayne Trace, Willard, Woodmore
Cross Country Schedule
August 28th:
Antwerp, Edon @ Edgerton – 4:30 pm – Miller Park
Bellevue, Norwalk, Willard @ Shelby – 5 pm
Bryan @ Napoleon - 4:30 pm
Northern Buckeye Conference Jamboree @ Elmwood (4:45) 
Patrick Henry, North Baltimore @ McComb  (4:30 pm)
Plymouth Invitational (5 pm) - Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Plymouth
Springfield (Holland) Meet (5 pm) - Oregon Clay, Springfield, Toledo Bowsher
Wayne Trace Invitational (4:30 pm) – Ayersville, Hicksville, Holgate, Tinora, Wayne Trace
August 31st:
Oakland "Grizzly" Invitational (9:15 am) - Oregon Clay
September 1st:
Ashland Invite (9 am) – Ashland, Tiffin Columbian
Avon Invitational (8 am) - Avon, Vermilion
Bowling Green Mel Brodt Invitational (9 am) - Anthony Wayne, Bowling Green, Clyde, Fremont Ross, Holgate
Bucyrus Invitational (9 am) - Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Mohawk, Norwalk St. Paul, Ridgedale, Upper Sandusky, Willard, Wynford
Greenville 2018 Treaty City Invitational (9 am) - Liberty Center, Greenville
Grove Invite (9 am)  - Antwerp, Ayersville, Carey, Columbus Grove, Edgerton, Elmwood, Fairview, Fostoria, Hicksville, Lake, Lima Bath, McComb, New Riegel, Patrick Henry, Tinora, Van Buren, Woodmore
Otsego Invite @ Mary JaneThurston Park (10 am) – Bellevue, Fremont SJCC, Gibsonburg, Maumee, Otsego, Rossford, Toledo Whitmer
September 4th:
Ayersville, Hilltop @ Edgerton – 4:30 pm – Miller Park
Edon, Hicksville @ Montpelier – 4:30 pm
Holgate @ Bryan - 5 pm
Tiffin @ Norwalk – 5 pm
Wynford Initational (4:30 pm) - Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Ridgedale, Upper Sandusky, Wynford
September 6th:
Fairview, Wayne Trace @ Edgerton – 4:30 pm – Miller Park
September 8th:
Archbold Invitational (9 am) – Archbold, Ayersville, Hicksville, North Baltimore, Patrick Henry
Open Door Christian Invitational @ Grafton Royal Oaks Park - Open Door Christian, Vermilion
Spencerville Bearcat Invitational (9 am) – Antwerp, Carey, Lima Bath, Spencerville, Van Buren, Wayne Trace
Tiffin Carnival – Anthony Wayne, Bellevue, Bowling Green, Clyde, Danbury, Eastwood, Edison, Elmwood, Fairview, Fostoria, Fremont Ross, Fremont SJCC, Genoa, Gibsonburg, Holgate, Lake, Liberty Center, Margaretta, Maumee, McComb, Norwalk St. Paul, Oak Harbor, Old Fort, Oregon Clay, Otsego, Port Clinton, Sandusky SMCC, Tinora, Tiffin Columbian, Willard, Woodmore
September 11th:
Clay Mile Repeat (4:30 pm) – Bowling Green, Eastwood, Holland Springfield, Oak Harbor, Oregon Clay, Toledo Whitmer
Elida Invitational (4:30 pm) – Elida, Lima Bath, Wayne Trace
Fairview, Hicksville @ Edgerton – 4:30 pm – Miller Park
Lucas Invitational (5 pm) - Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Lucas, Wynford
NWOAL Preview (Archbold) (4:30 pm) 
Paulding, Woodlan (IN) @ Antwerp – 4:30 pm – Antwerp Park
September 13th:
Riverdale Invite (5 pm) – Carey, Elmwood, McComb, North Baltimore, Riverdale, Van Buren
September 15th:
Dave's Cross Country Invitational (Chet Sullwood) @ Ottawa Park in Toledo (11 am) - Anthony Wayne
Fayette Invitational (4:30 pm) – Antwerp, Fayette, Patrick Henry
Galion Invite (9 am) – Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Danbury, Eastwood, Edison, Fremont Ross, Galion, Gibsonburg, Huron, Napoleon, Norwalk, Norwalk St. Paul, Ridgedale, Sandusky Perkins, Seneca East, Tiffin Columbian, Upper Sandusky, Vermilion, Willard, Wynford
Genoa “Battle of Turtle Creek” (9 am) – Genoa, Ottawa Hills, Port Clinton, Rossford, Toledo Christian
Myron Cline Invite @ Lakota (9:30 am) – Carey, Clyde, Elmwood, Fostoria, Fremont Ross, Fremont SJCC, Lake, Lakota, Margaretta, Mohawk, New Riegel, North Baltimore, Oak Harbor, Old Fort, Port Clinton, Sandusky SMCC, Van Buren
Ottawa-Glandorf Blue/Gold Invite (9 am) – Ayersville, Edgerton, Fairview, Hicksville, Holgate, Liberty Center, Lima Bath, McComb, Otsego, Ottawa-Glandorf, Tinora, Wayne Trace
Toledo St. Francis Invitational (1:15 pm) – Bowling Green, Holland Springfield, Maumee, Perrysburg, Toledo Bowsher, Toledo Notre Dame, Toledo St. Francis, Toledo Whitmer
VASJ McDonnough Invitational @ Forest Hill Park in Cleveland - Cleveland VASJ, Vermilion
September 18th:
Northern Buckeye Conference Jamboree #2 @ Thurston Park (4:45 pm)
Edgerton, Fairview, Holgate, Montpelier @ North Central – 4:30 pm
Fremont Ross & Clyde @ Bellevue (5 pm)
September 19th:
Edgerton, Holgate @ Fairview – 4:30 pm
Toledo Bowsher v. Toledo Rogers (5:40 pm) - Ottawa Park
September 20th:
Carey Run (5 pm) - Carey, Elmwood, North Baltimore, Ridgedale, Tiffin Calvert, Van Buren
September 22nd:
Black River Invitational (10 am) - Sullivan Black River, Vermilion
Cardinal Stritch Invite @ Maumee Bay (8 am) – Cardinal Stritch, Genoa, Hicksville, Lake, Oregon Clay
Carroll Invitational Midwest Catholic XC Championships @ Indian Riffle (9 am) - Toledo Notre Dame
Crawford County Invitational (10 am) - Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Galion, Wynford
Cloverleaf Invitational (8 am) – Cloverleaf, Edison
Fremont SJCC Streak Invite @ Walsh Park (9 am) – Danbury, Fremont SJCC, Huron, Margaretta, Mohawk, New Riegel, Port Clinton, Seneca East, Woodmore
Holland Springfield "Saturday Night Lights" (5 pm) - Holland Springfield
Liberty Center Invitational (10 am) – Antwerp, Bowling Green, Fairview, Gibsonburg, Holgate, Liberty Center, Napoleon, Otsego, Patrick Henry, Tinora, Wayne Trace
Malone Invitational (9 am) - Eastwood
Norwalk Trucker Invite (9 am) – Bellevue, Norwalk, Norwalk St. Paul, Sandusky Perkins, Tiffin Columbian (girls), Willard
Ontario "Bill Brown" Invitational (TBA) - Ontario, Sandusky SMCC, Upper Sandusky, Vermilion
Strongsville Invitational (10 am) – Perrysburg, Strongsville, Tiffin Columbian (boys)
Van Buren Invite (9 am) – Anthony Wayne, Carey, Edgerton, Elmwood, Fremont Ross, Maumee, McComb, Oak Harbor, Rossford, Van Buren
Van Wert Hospital Invitational (9 am) – Ayersville, Van Wert
September 25th:
Antwerp, Hicksville, Holgate @ Edgerton – 4:30 pm – Miller Park
Ayersville, Bryan, Fairview @ Wayne Trace – 5 pm
Fredericktown Invitational (4:30 pm) - Fredericktown, Ridgedale
Lima Bath Invitational (6 pm) - Lima Bath, North Baltimore
Ottawa County Invite @ Oak Harbor (4:30 pm) – Danbury, Genoa, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton
September 26th:
Toledo Bowsher @ Toledo Woodward (5 pm) - Highland Park
September 29th:
Buckeye Central Invitational (9 am) - Buckeye Central, Carey, Colonel Crawford, Ridgedale, Willard, Wynford
Edgerton Invitational (9 am) – Ayersville, Edgerton, Fairview, Hicksville, Holgate, Tinora, Wayne Trace
Hilliard Bradley Invitational (9 am) - Hilliard Bradley, Perrysburg
Kalida Invite (9 am) – Kalida, Lima Bath, McComb, Napoleon, Patrick Henry, Kalida
North Union Invitational (9 am) - Bucyrus, North Union
Old Fort Invite (9 am) – Bellevue, Blissfield (MI), Danbury, Elmwood, Fremont Ross, Gibsonburg, Mohawk, New Riegel, North Baltimore, Liberty Center, Old Fort, Rossford, Seneca East, Tiffin Columbian, Upper Sandusky, Woodmore
Oregon Clay Invite (9 am) – Anthony Wayne, Clyde, Eastwood, Fostoria, Holland Springfield, Ida (MI), Lake, Mason Erie (MI), Maumee, Oak Harbor, Oregon Clay, Otsego, Sandusky SMCC, Toledo Bowsher, Toledo Notre Dame, Toledo Whitmer
Vermilion Invite (8 am) – Firelands, Genoa, Margaretta, Norwalk, Sandusky Perkins, Vermilion
Western Reserve Invite (9 am) – Fremont SJCC, Norwalk St. Paul, Western Reserve
October 1st:
Elmwood Royal European Invite (5 pm) - Carey, Elmwood, North Baltimore, Van Buren
October 2nd:
Allen County Invitational @ Faurot Park (4:30 pm) - Lima Bath
Bowling Green, Holland Springfield @ Wauseon – 4:30 pm
Crestline Invitational (4:30 pm) – Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford,  Crestline, Norwalk, Upper Sandusky
Hicksville, Holgate @ Antwerp – 4:30 pm – Antwerp Park
McComb @ Patrick Henry (4:30 pm)
Northern Lakes League Preview? (Whiteford Valley Golf Course)
Patrick Henry Invitational (4:30 pm) - Patrick Henry
Tiffin Calvert & Margaretta @ Bellevue – 5 pm
October 3rd:
Toledo Bowsher @ Toledo Rogers (5 pm) - Ottawa Park
October 4th:
Lima Bath @ Kenton - 5 pm
October 6th:
Antwerp Invitational (8:30 am) – Antwerp, Edgerton, Hicksville, Holgate, Wayne Trace
Fostoria Invite (9 am) – Ayersville, Bowling Green, Carey, Clyde, Danbury, Eastwood, Elmwood, Fostoria, Gibsonburg, Huron, Lake, Liberty Center, McComb, Mohawk, New Riegel, North Baltimore, Oak Harbor, Otsego, Port Clinton, Rossford, Tinora, Tiffin Columbian, Woodmore
Marion Harding Invitational (9:15 am) - Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Marion Harding, Ridgedale, Upper Sandusky
Mechanicsburg Invitational (9:30 am) - Mechanicsburg, Ridgedale
Medina Invitational (9 am) - Medina, Willard
New London Invite (9 am) – Edison, New London, Norwalk St. Paul, Seneca East, Vermilion
October 9th:
Paulding County Invitational (4:30 pm) – Antwerp, Paulding, Wayne Trace
October 13th:
BVC Championships @ Owens (9 am)
Firelands Conference Championships @ Monroeville (9 am)
GMC Championships @ Milller Park Edgerton (9:30 am)
NBC Championships @ Otsego (10 am)
NLL Championships @ Sylvania Northview Whiteford Valley Golf Course (9 am)
Northern 10 Championships @ Seneca East (10 am)
NWOAL Championships @ Archbold (10 am)
SBC Championships @ Hedges Boyer (9 am)
Toledo City League Championships @ Collins Park (8 am)
TRAC Championships @ Oregon Clay (9 am)
WBL Championships (10 am)

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